Am I Dreaming?

So I woke up one day, and found myself living in a pink (that’s right, pink) house in Boca Raton, Florida, with two kids and driving a white minivan.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t happen quite overnight, but sometimes it feels like it. Confused? Yeah, me too. So here’s the real story:

My name is Tia and I’m the mom of two totally adorable little boys – Noah, who is 3 and a half going on sixteen, and Sam, who is four months. That’s the first of many hats that I wear. My other hat, my “Working Mom” hat, is the one I wear as the Web Editor of Early Childhood Today, a terrific on-line magazine for early childhood professionals published by Scholastic. We won’t get into the myriad other hats right now that I wear around here (chauffeur, chef, nutritionist, accountant, etc.) Gosh – I really need more heads.

Anyway, I digress. When I was asked by Scholastic Parents to write this blog, I was thrilled. Finally, somewhere to tell all the funny and adorable stories about my kids, the ones that no one (besides their grandparents) really want to hear, even though everyone laughs politely as I regale them with stories beginning with “Noah said the funniest thing the other day…”  Of course, blogging about the boys’ funny and adorable moments assumes that I’m writing on a good day, on one of those rare “no-tantrums-perfect-listening-finishing-meals-long-naps” kind of day, which if I’m being honest, seem to be very few and far between now that there are TWO boys in the picture.

But back to my pink house in Boca. Until about two months ago, we lived in New York City, in an adorable (read: tiny) apartment on the Upper East Side (read: way overpriced) and once we had two children, it became evident that the city was not going to be a place we could stay. We’d applied to a preschool in the neighborhood and when we found out that the tuition was going to be $18,000 (no, that’s not a typo) for three hours a day, five days a week, it precipitated our decision to get the heck out.

My husband is a recently-graduated doctor, and after four years of medical school, six years of (grueling) residency, and one year of fellowship, he was pretty tired. And wanted to work somewhere where he could practice medicine and work hard, but enjoy life at the same time. (I think they call that “quality of life.” I wouldn’t know, as we haven’t really had it for the last ten years). 

So after interviewing in many parts of the country, that’s how we ended up in Boca Raton. It had the best balance of job opportunity and quality of life. Plus, we have family in the area, which is fantastic for purposes of free babysitting, among other things. So when Sam was six weeks old, we packed up our apartment and moved south, and now here I am, adjusting to just a few “minor” life changes: the suburbs instead of the city; the south instead of the northeast; two children instead of one; a minivan instead of the 6 train; and working from home instead of going into the office. Some adjustments have been easier than others (the pink house is really hard to stomach, but we can’t afford to paint it just yet. And in keeping with my promise to provide “Noah said the funniest thing” stories, here’s one: last week, as we were pulling into the driveway, he said, “Mommy, our house is still pink! So we need to get some more money so we can paint it.” Oops. Guess he was listening during the debate with my husband over which home improvements take priority.)

Anyway, for better or for worse, here I am in Florida, and the boys are great, and all is well. For now, anyway. I just saw Noah heading into his bedroom with one of the tubes from my breast pump, a pair of chopsticks, and some magic markers. Something tells me I better follow him.
Until next time,

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Welcome from another NYC expatriate! I've been in the Northwest for almost 20 years but I still miss the subway. Looking forward to the cute stories!

As someone still living in an "adorable" (read: falling apart) apartment in the West Village, I have to say I have pink-house envy. But even without kids, I do sometimes wonder how I came to be a thirty-something year old professional with a real, grown-up life.

Congrats on the blog--more cute kid stories!

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