Are My Kids Too Young to see the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Movie?

At home my kids have read the Harry Potter books so my 11-year-old son definitely wants to see the The Deathly Hallows Movie (part one) coming out this week. My seven-year-old daughter (who will be eight next month) also says she wants to see the latest Harry Potter film. My main concern is that the film may be too scary for her... and borderline scary for him. When my daughter finished books one through three, she decided to "take a break" and switch to something else. I suspect this was because the books were becoming a bit dark for her. Just the same, she hears all the buzz about the new Harry film and wants to see what it's all about. My son, on the other hand, plowed through all seven books and enjoyed every moment. He read the Harry Potter books in 5th grade and I think it was the perfect age to dive into this series, at least for him.

This brings me to the films and the question I raised. Remember, when Hogwarts was all in the imagination of the reader, no two versions were quite alike, and each new reader who entered Rowling’s world of wizardry could make the story that suited their tastes. That all changed when the movie versions were produced. Moviemakers leave nothing to the imagination and they need to draw an audience to see the films. How exactly does that house on Grimmauld Place make itself visible? What does Diagon Alley look like? How about Dumbledore’s office? And what do Harry, Ron, and Hermione really look like? Now we know; or, at least, we’ve been handed a pre-packaged version that most people connect to the books. Nothing is left to the imagination.

Here is the preview of The Deathly Hallows Movie (part one). Share your thoughts about when it is (or isn't) appropriate to see the movie version of a cherished book.

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