The Magic School Bus is Back in Action!

Today's younger parents may remember The Magic School Bus from their own TV watching days, or from their younger siblings' love of the series. This show has really stood the test of time, entertaining and educating children (and their parents) more than a decade after its TV premier. If you are not familiar with the The Magic School Bus, it is an award-winning television series that was based on the children’s books of the same name by former elementary school teacher and librarian, Joanna Cole. The show originally aired from 1994 to 1997 on PBS and was the first fully animated series on PBS Kids.

This fall television series is being introduced to a new generation of viewers on Qubo. While it’s geared towards children between the ages of five and eight, younger children are sure to enjoy the scientific adventures lead by Mrs. Frizzle, the children’s eccentric teacher. The Magic School Bus teaches children to love science and launches them on an exciting exploration of the world around them.

The episodes are well-written, teaching important facts while taking children on imaginative adventures that would be impossible in real life. Kids agree that Magic School Bus is "funny” and they “learn stuff” when watching. The Magic School Bus website also has a lot of fun activities. Lily Tomlin speaks the role of Mrs. Frizzle and introduces her students to science with a fun factor and is often heard saying, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!“ The Magic School Bus takes children on fantastic “field trips” into the middle of a volcano or even inside the human body.

My son was given his first Magic School Bus books as a preschooler. We discovered the DVDs while he was in Kindergarten. He was a budding scientist the show (and the books) were an early favorite. The website has recently been redesigned to entertain new fans of the Magic School Bus. Hop on board and enjoy the ride at



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