The Back-to-school Grind

Ok, so now the new clothes have been worn (possibly torn) and the school supplies are already starting to get lost. Your family is really back to school when your kids finally are into the routine of waking up early enough to arrive at school on time. On difficult mornings I may resort to coaxing them out of bed with hot cocoa...whatever it takes to start the day with a good mood.

After school the time crunch doesn't stop, especially if you are signed up for a few activities like my kids. There are some evenings when we barely manage to finish the homework before it's time to go to bed. We are trying to keep our schedule manageable so we are more inclined to schedule play dates on a Friday or weekend. Looking for a few pointers on how to manage homework? Check out's Gradeschool Homework Guide.

Triumph How did we make it to October without losing our marbles? Well, we found that it was helpful to establish a routine where clothes are picked out the night before, complete with shoes, socks and jackets. Any choosing should be done before bed. You can also check out the forecast to plan an outfit that matches the weather. The days are getting crisp so be sure to throw an extra layer into the backpack.

My mother-in-law used to even set her breakfast table the night before. I find that a little too ambitious but it may help your kids get started on breakfast while you finish getting dressed. You may want to have your kids tell you before bedtime what they will want for breakfast, and then stick with it. For kids who need lunches packed, have those ready (or mostly ready) the evening before as well, so all that needs to be done is a few last-minute touches before you dash out the door.

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