Raising Bilingual Kids

While in the midst of packing for our big trip to France and I could see how excited my kids were to see their French side of the family. Sure, it helps that there was a big family wedding this year where they are sure to see all of their cousins, but I know they are also excited to spend more time with their other language and culture. They have been keeping their French side under wraps for most of the school year since there is not much opportunity to speak French at school.

Spanish is the enrichment language of choice these days and they are learning some Spanish at school. Still I am glad my kids are learning French at home with their papa and during regular visits to France. They have many family experiences to back up their immersion in the language.


It may sound silly, but I think my kids sound and act different in French. Maybe it's all the baguette and Comtécheese that goes with the conversation or somehow their French language filter is just a little different than their American filter. My son is ten now and he sometimes mentions he would like to spend more time with his cousins and grandparents. He really looks forward to his summer visits to France. This year my 6-year-old daughter was mainly excited about the wedding and seeing a cousin's pony farm.

They appreciate the differences between their home in Brooklyn and their grandparents' vacation home in Brittany. The abundance of good food and lots of family visits make the visits fly by and they enjoy a bit of independence since they are visiting small town France where kids can roam free and enjoy nature.

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