What You Have Taught Me

I am so very grateful to those of you who answered our call for descriptions of how your children are gifted.  Your responses were enormously helpful not only to other readers, but to me and e-Scholastic’s editors. Thanks are owed to Nick Friedman, Editor in Chief of Scholastic Parent and Child, who suggested that I post the question in the first place.

I have told you some of the things I learned from you; but they are worth repeating. I learned a little bit about who you, our audience members are, and I am impressed, actually honored.  If the responders are a representative sample, we are reaching people who have remarkable insight about their children, themselves, and life, in general. You are not looking for quick answers, how-to-hints or any superficial formula for child rearing from us. I love that fact and feel very privileged to have you, our thoughtful audience as colleagues in the effort to bring respect to the awesome enterprise of parenting.

With considerable humility, I am going to list links of previous pieces I have done about giftedness on the parents’ site of e-scholastic. If nothing else, they support the insightful contributions you made. The debates I allude to in those pieces about the meaning of “giftedness”, historical debates carried on by supposed experts in cognitive development, seem trivial, even silly after reading your remarks about values that supersede IQ or any analogous measurement.   If you do get a chance to look at any of these, I would welcome your reactions and suggestions for future on-line discussions.

Thank you again for being a most generous audience.

Best wishes,


Links: “Congratulations: Your Child Is Gifted”; “Many Kinds of Gifted”; “Guiding a Gifted and Talented Child”; “Balance Challenge and Burnout for a Gifted Child”, and a blog entitled: “A Gifted Child”.

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