Irony is... ordering a new, lighter stroller this summer after lugging the old one up the subway steps one too many times only to discover the red, dry, skin on my palms is an allergic reaction to the handles. That doesn't seem fair. I just thought I needed a better lotion.

Today H was as cooperative and agreeable to the hour and a half wait for voting as a two year old could be, which was not enough for some people, but plenty cute and charming for most people -- and some people are just grumpy, what can you do? I probably shouldn't have scheduled the cat's minor surgery for the same morning as this monumental election, but then... vet at 7:30, voting at 8. I think I'm tired now.

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yesss taking those kids to those kinds of places..their boredom kicks in quick. My husband and I took our 3 kids to the Sarah Palin Rally. I'm sure you can guess how that went haha

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