Our Menagerie Weekend

This past weekend we traveled to the alpaca farm in upstate NY that's owned and operated by a close family friend. It's a special place -- in fact, we held our wedding there. I remember H experiencing her first instance of sitting on grass there. She was 10 months old. Sometimes the differences of growing up in the city are thrown into sharp relief.

This past weekend H would have spent every waking second outside if she could have. She had great fun traveling between the alpaca barn and the pond briming with frogs. She made strides toward being more comfortable with dogs -- Cubby the Pomeranian is smaller than our cat, what's not to love? She also saw: deer, cows, horses, a snake, geese and baby geese (so fluffy), and a bunny.

I am a city kid. I grew up in NYC, attended public schools, and ride the subway every day. I appreciate not needing to own a car and being able to order in food from a dozen different countries any time of the day or night. And I adore Central Park and Prospect Park for the taste of nature they offer. But sometimes it doesn't seem like it's enough. I was struck when conducting video interviews with scientists at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City that several of the scientists found their passion by getting down in the dirt and observing and exploring nature as kids. Of course everything's a trade off. Country kids don't have the same access to diversity and culture that H has. How do you balance your life choices with what your kids miss out on? It's clear to me we need to go back to the alpaca farm soon.

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Hello Amy,

My name is Tanya and my husband, Brad and I are really excited to share with you a project that is near and dear to our hearts: Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales. How many times have you found yourself saying, "Shhhh, It's Quiet Time" when your child is in need of a little down time?! With my own very precocious and energetic 3 1/2 year old niece, as well as being “Aunt TT and Uncle B” to no less than twenty of our friend’s kids all under the age of 7, we can speak with confidence that Grandpa Read and his Quiet Time Tales have provided peaceful moments, fostered their imagination and nurtured a love of stories and even a desire to read.

Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales is a collection of twelve DVDs targeted to children aged one to six years old. Each DVD features Grandpa Read reading classic children's stories while original illustrations (no fast paced and frenetic animation) highlight scenes that correspond to the story. There are five 10-minute stories per DVD plus an original song performed by Grandpa Read. This collection of DVDs is intended to provide a mellow, relaxing experience and to give kids (and their parents) a few minutes of respite in a busy day.

We appreciate how busy you are not only as a mom, but as a Blogger with important updates about marriage, family and of course, your kids. As we prepare to launch the first full collection of Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales on October 1, 2009, we are reaching out to a few key internet publishers to invite you to sign up to receive a free DVD and care kit. If you like the DVD, we would love for you to blog about it, but even if you don't we would be happy to simply hear your feedback on the product. Eventually, we will also set up an affiliate program for our interested parties.

As a preview and to help you understand the collection, we have put together a brief sample. To view the sample, please visit www.quiettime.com/blogger-welcome. Then, if you are interested in receiving a complimentary DVD, you can contact me at the number below or simply drop me an email with your mailing address and we will get one out to you immediately.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Best regards,

Tanya Juhasz

V.P., Sales

Quiet Time Productions


+1 626 679 8592


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