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Did you ever notice that moms have the best ideas? Not to take anything away from men, or inventors, or geniuses in general, but I just think it's a fact that moms are particularly brilliant and inventive, especially when it comes to those ever-present problems to solve with kids. There's a saying that goes something like, "necessity is the mother of invention," but I think it should be revised to be "mothers are the necessity to inventions." (Or something similar that actually makes sense!)

Take, for example, my friend Lauren. When her daughter was about a year old, she figured out how to unsnap her one-piece sleeper pajamas and open up the sticky tabs on her diaper. Which meant that when Lauren came in to get her in the morning, her daughter would be in her crib, naked, happily painting the walls of her room with the poop from her diaper. (I know, EW!) So after a few nights of this, Lauren came up with the (brilliant) idea of snapping her daughter into her pajamas backwards - buttons up the back - where the baby couldn't reach them. And voila! No more Poopy Picasso. So simple, yet absolutely genius!

And then there's my friend Tracey -- an amazing mom who had two children thirteen months apart (on purpose!) She's solved the problem that all of us face, time and time again - how the heck to remember every thing you need to pack in order to travel with your children? To non-parents, this may sound like no big deal, but every parent will know what I mean: every month, the things kids need on trips change - at certain ages they need bottles, at certain ages sippy cups. At certain ages they need liquid medications, at certain ages they need chewable medications. And something is invariably forgotten on every trip (and depending on where you are, the missing item is not always readily available!) So every time Tracey packed for a trip with Noah, her older son, she typed the list of everything she packed and saved it on her computer, using his age at the time as the file name.  So now, when she travels with both children, it's that much easier for her to pack for Asher, her younger son - she just looks up her list of what she packed for the big brother at that age and replicates it. So simple, and also, absolutely brilliant!

And I've got to give props to myself (since hey, it's my blog!) for a recent a-ha! moment while Noah and I were painting. He loves to paint with watercolors, but always saturates the brush with too much water and not enough paint. This causes the paper he is painting on get too wet and tear, which frustrates him to no end. So now I give him paper plates to paint on. They're much thicker than paper, and the ridges on the edge give him a natural "frame" for his artwork. He's so much happier (and so am I, because it makes much less of a mess!)

What are your best "mom ideas"? Send them to me, and I'll write about them in future posts. We know that us moms have the best ideas, so let's share our wisdom with the world!

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I always have a plastic bin (shoebox size) in the fridge with the kids' food in it. That way, their little bowls don't get lost at the back of the fridge, grandparents and babysitters always know what's for the kids to eat (without calling me to ask!), and there's always something on hand when lunch or dinner creeps up on you. Even if your kids don't have separate food, you can put small containers of leftovers, etc. that you plan for them to eat in the next day or two.

Im a first time mom, just gave birth last month and these Ideas are golden to me... :)



First time dads can learn a lot from listening to moms too!

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