Opinions Needed....ASAP!

Noah's birthday party was this past weekend, and as feared, he ended up with a TON of gifts. We're returning some, for sure (many thanks to all those parents who included gift receipts!) and we're also going to be donating some, as previously decided. But either way, I have what feels like a million thank-you notes to write. And here's where I need opinions.

Are thank you notes supposed to come "from" Noah? As in, "Dear So-and-so, thank you so much for coming to my party, I love the awesome remote-control race car you got me, etc.?" Or, since they are clearly not being actually written by Noah (he's smart, but not that smart!) is it ridiculous to pretend that they are? Should they be, "Dear So-and-so, thank you so much for coming to Noah's party, he loves the gift you got him, etc." and be signed by me?

I know, this hardly deserves the amount of thought that I'm giving it, but I'm slightly bewildered by this whole thing. Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone?

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Why not have Noah write a few words on each card? You can either buy, make or write notes with blanks for what the gift was, and let him fill that in. He can also sign his name and draw a picture or write thank you. It shifts some responsibility onto him (good) and takes some of the pressure for lengthy, adult notes off of you (better).

We always write the main message, and have it signed by our little ones. As they get much older, obviously we teach them to do this completely on their own. But signing, or a little drawing at the bottom of the card is always priceless.


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