Kids These Days!

Perhaps moving to South Florida has given me the mind-set of an eighty-year old. It really must have, because I can't think otherwise why I'd say what I'm about to say: It is so amazing how technologically savvy kids growing up today are. (I'm cringing even as I write this. I have officially turned into my mother, talking about how things "used to be!")

What precipitated this realization on my part? Well, Noah and I were driving to school the other morning and he wanted to speak to his dad on the phone. I knew that my husband was seeing patients all morning and couldn't talk, so I told Noah that. "Just call him, PLEASE, Mommy? PLEASE?" Rather than argue the point (which I've learned in the last two years never, ever works) I pretended to dial the office number on my cell phone and said, "Oh - sorry, Noah, I'm getting Daddy's voicemail. He must be busy." Undeterred, my persistent little backseat-dweller responded, "Well, then try his cell phone."  I enacted the same charade, saying "Nope - he's not answering that either. I really think he's busy with patients, Noah." Noah's response? "Well, then check his Web site!"

I got a good laugh out of that one, of course, but it also hammered home to me what a different world these kids are growing up in. (Ugh, see? I really do sound eighty!!) Obviously he hasn't quite grasped exactly what a Web site is for, but just the fact that he thought to mention it was pretty remarkable to me. I suppose every generation feels that way about the one that comes after it (I mean, I really never figured out what my parents were talking about when they kept referring to their 8-Track Player - what 8 tracks, exactly?) but it's just a very funny feeling to be on this end of it, feeling like a dinosaur because I didn't have my first email account until about mid-college.

I can only imagine what Noah and Sam's world will be like, technologically-speaking. How will I even be able to help them with their homework, since I'm still trying to figure out how to download songs onto my iPod? (Yes, I know, most people on the planet have gotten that figured out, but I have not yet.) Already, Noah can sit at the computer and navigate completely by himself around the PBSKids Web site. It's actually quite astounding to watch.

Ugh. I'm re-reading this post and realizing that I'm officially an eighty-year old trapped in the body of a thirty-three year old mom. Thank goodness my kids are learning all this stuff early. I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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So funny--I feel like that even around 20-year-olds!

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