Making Summer Plans in a Tough Economy

We recruited five established mommy bloggers with unique personalities, gave them a single topic, and asked them to speak their minds in our first ever Scholastic Parent Voices blog. See if they don't make you laugh, cry, or nod your head in recognition. Be sure to let 'em know what you think!

Melanie Edwards Melanie Edwards is a Modern Mami™. She provides an honest depiction of the everyday humor and drama in the life of today's wife, mother, and woman from a Latina perspective. Attempting to achieve a work-life balance as a working mom plays a big role in her blogging. Melanie has been married six years and has a 3-year-old daughter.

Katrina Katrina is a wife and mother, a reader and writer, a coffee-drinker, and chocolate-lover. Married for 15 years, she and her husband are enjoying the adventure of raising two sons. You can find more of her ramblings and reflections on life at her personal blog, Callapidder Days.

Cathy McCaughan Cathy McCaughan is the mother of five children in five different schools. She is an education and mental health advocate who believes that we have to work together to improve the possibilities for all children. She is an early adopter of technology and social media. Learn more about her at Domestic Psychology.

Jen Jen is a an award-winning TV-watcher, peanut-butter-from-the-jar eater and chore-avoider who lives in Seattle with her husband, their 6-year-old son, and a fluffy white dog named Bella. She also blogs at Absolutely Bananas. Oh, and she didn't actually win awards for any of those things. But she should have... she definitely should have.

Lynnie Lynnie Webster is a mother of two girls. Ibby is 3 and Mayla is 5. Lynnie was a teacher for many years before deciding to stay home with her daughters. She and her husband have a small farm with goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks. Read more about Lynnie and her daughters at way up high in the monkey bread tree.

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